Tasting Sessions

In the cosy tasting room, guests will delight their palates with some of the best products sold in our sales outlet. An important way to become aware of what we can purchase and understand the essence of the quality of the products we bring to our tables.

Tastings sessions end on September.

The Garda Flavours

The lake and the mountains. The mild, almost Mediterranean climate of the Garda Lake shores on one side and the force of the mountain from the other side. Two contrasting elements, yet in this region, find their balance and perfect harmony, offering an incredible variety of products. The high quality of the Garda Oil (Olio del Garda), tasty lemons along the lakeshore, excellent wines, unique meats and cheeses. A blend of flavours and scents, which are able to excite every taste bud.

And what happens after the tasting session?

Do you want to continue your journey among the flavours of Alpe del Garda? Sample the traditional dishes of the area in our Agritourism Activity, or purchase our products at the sales outlet or from the comfort of your home.

Agritourism Activity

Come and try the traditional menu and that of the region, which is characterized by the typical mountain flavours.
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Purchase all your products from the Alpe at the sales outlet or at the weekly markets.

Online shopping

Order the typical products produced in the Alto Garda Park region from the comfort of your home.
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