Seasoned Formagella

Starting from the methodology of production of the classic Formagella Tremosine, with the addition of carefully selected seasonings, the flavoured variants of our most famous cheeses were created. Black truffle, olives, wild garlic, chilli, plums and pepper are the ingredients that make up the range of Seasoned Formagella of Tremosine. The smoked variant is achieved through a process of smoking that takes place in the last days of curing, shortly before it is ready to be sold.


Type of product Half-fat cheese with semi-hard pasta.
Production Area The high plateau of Tremosine in Parco Alto Garda Bresciano. The Alto Garda Bresciano Park.
Commodity Parametres Cylindrical shape 16-18 cm, "lo scalzo" (the lateral surface of a form of cheese which constitutes the thickness of the same) 5-7 cm, soft paste, small irregular holes.
Seasoning Not less than thirty days.
Size Approximately 1.4 kg (variable weight).
Technical Card Formagella - smoked flavoured Formagella - flavoured with wild garlic Formagella - flavoured with olives Formagella - flavoured with pepper Formagella - flavoured with chilli peppers Formagella - flavoured with plums Formagella - flavoured with Truffle

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