an Eden between the lake and the sky

There is an enchanted town where the Alps are plunging into the blue waters of Lake Garda and the alpine atmosphere embraces Mediterranean ones. A country where the charm of unspoilt nature soothes the spirit and life flows easily and quietly, following the rhythm of the seasons. The eighteen hamlets: one on the Riviera, the others scattered on a bustling plateau, inlaid on top of Poggi, of incomparable beauty that dominates the entire Garda region. Tremosine is located in the heart of the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano, and embodies the most true essence and earns all the merits of a natural and environmental protected area. First of all, there's the landscape. Here the highest mountains of the Park are intermingled with the crystal clear water of Lake Garda, offering scenarios that have are without rivals. In front, beyond the lake, there is the stateliness of Monte Baldo. Staggering the road that runs along the deep gorge of the Brasa Torrrent, sometimes dug into the rock and sometimes cantilevered on cliffs that leave you amazed. Going along for a few minutes you will pass by the sparkling Lake Garda shore, the tranquillity of the plateau, from whose terraces overlooking the lake the nature shows to mankind its entire splendour. From the "Terrace of the thrills" suspended at 350 metres on the lake, the view is breathtaking. And in the evening, discover the delights of a simple and refined cuisine. For any further info write us at:

The most beautiful road in the world

Imagine a rocky wall that's 350 metres high. At the foot the spectacular blue of Lake Garda, from the other a village among the most beautiful in Italy. Imagine a "road" with sections overhanging the lake and traits which slide in the meanders of a gorge dug over the centuries. A link that connects with the lake's atmosphere with that of the mountains, passing by breathtaking views, to portions immersed in the most profound essence of the rock, caressed over the centuries by a river that quietly continues to shape its handiwork. Walk along it and imagine how back in 1913 the incredible men, the visionaries of that time, never would have dreamed of paving even a tiny piece of asphalt there, whereas today just as back then, it would seem impossible to do so. Then you will begin to understand why this "road" has already been defined during its inauguration in 1913, by a news correspondent of the Frankfurter Zeitung, "the most beautiful road in the world". You will realize the why Sir Wiston Churcill defined it as "the eighth wonder of the world". You will also understand why it has become the scenery for a breathtaking chase that has as its main character the most famous secret agent in the world, the mythical James Bond. It is not a simple "road", the SP 38 Porto-Pieve is now a stopover not to be missed during your visit to Tremosine on Lake Garda. A natural monument given to us by nature and the courage of our predecessors.

Explore the region


A well-signposted network of mountain trails becomes an exceptional fun filled terrain, advancing itself between pastures and balsamic pinewood trees, the most picturesque corners of the Parco Naturale Altogardesano. Natural Bondo Valley Reserves or those of San Michele are enchanted corners.

MTB trails

The variety of paths and trails that surround Tremosine on Lake Garda attract thousands of mountain bikers each year. From the ascent to Tremalzo Pass, nicknamed the Selvio of the mountain bikers, for lovers of climbing, numerous single tracks to satisfy any type of enthusiast.

Horseback riding excursions

The pleasant landscapes that surround the Alto Garda Bresciano make it the ideal region for quiet rides on horseback. The availability of riding stables which organize guided excursions is a stopover that you simply cannot miss in order to get to know the region and enjoy an atmosphere that is difficult to find anywhere else.