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When tradition, the passion and the love for the "Good Things" meet the freshness of the green pastures and the most unspoilt nature, Alpe del Garda's products are born. Unique flavours which give your every taste bud an unforgettable experience.

Formagella Tremosine

Typical cheese of Tremosine, a soft paste, with small irregular holes, fragrant flavour and a delicate scent of the essences of the mountain meadows. Cleverly matured on the premises with moulds selected to obtain a unique product, exquisitely good and with maximum digestibility.

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Formagella Tremosine flavoured

Starting from the methodology of production of the Formagella Tremosine classic, with the addition of flavourings carefully selected, the flavoured variants of our best known cheeses is born. Black truffle, olives, wild garlic, chilli, plums and pepper are the ingredients that make up the range of the Seasoned Formagella of Tremosine. The smoked variants are achieved through a process of smoking that takes place during the last days of curing, shortly before they are placed on the market for sale.

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Formagella Tremosine without lactose

This typical cheese was especially created for the purpose of delighting those with a taste for the famous Formagella of Tremosine, even those people who are lactose intolerant. The Formagella Tremosine without lactose is obtained by altering its composition and converting it into molecules that your digestive system can process easily, which is then used in the production. A product that maintains all the characteristics of the classical Formagella despite the so-called "absence" of lactose.

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Typical cheese of Tremosine on Lake Garda. Produced using skimmed milk only from the Swiss Brown bovine breed which is exclusively raised at the Alpe del Garda Agritourism Activity. It possesses a straw-yellow colour and has an average aging time of 12 months.

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Garda Reserve

The Garda Reserve is a particular selection of the best forms of cheese Garda, carefully chosen by our dairymen. Produced using skimmed milk only from the Swiss Brown bovine breed which is exclusively raised at the Alpe del Garda Agritourism Activity. The Reserve selection may appear to be a minimum of 24 months old; however, it can reach an even higher maturing age. Starting from the base of the cheese Garda, with the increase of the months of seasoning grows incredibly the power of flavours that this cheese can give to every taste.

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The traditionality of this cheese is linked to the particular transformation technique that has remained unchanged over time, which provides a fundamental quality requirement: the use of fresh unpasteurized milk, from which the name Lattecrudo is derived. The normal process of milk pasteurization removes a good part of the flavour, cancelling out the scents of pasture that each container of milk "corroborates" within itself. The raw milk to cheese process during fermentation is developed due to the action of the original bacterial flora that animals gather from the region and transfer to the milk. This bacterial flora, along with the production techniques, makes it unique and unmatched.

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Cheese in olive oil

The typical Formagella Tremosine is carefully cut into cubes of suitable size, put into glass jars with the addition of spices and covered entirely with extra virgin olive oil from the Lake Garda area. Rest here for a few days so that the taste of cheese is amalgams with one of spices and is enriched further by the scents of the Garda Olive Oil. This product is ideal for tasty appetizers or aperitifs ' sign of tradition.

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Cheese Tortellini

The fresh tortellini pasta is characterized by a generous filling obtained by wisely mixing our best cheeses. Prepared in just a few minutes, they are ideal for a quick meal yet rich in flavour.

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