The traditionality of this cheese is linked to the particular transformation technique that has remained unchanged over time, which provides a fundamental quality requirement: the use of fresh unpasteurized milk, from which the name Lattecrudo is derived. The normal process of milk pasteurization removes a good part of the flavour, cancelling out the scents of pasture that each container of milk "corroborates" within itself. The raw milk to cheese process during fermentation is developed due to the action of the original bacterial flora that animals gather from the region and transfer to the milk. This bacterial flora, along with the production techniques, makes it unique and unmatched.


Type of product Cheese to semi-aged raw milk.
Production area The high plateau of Tremosine in Parco Alto Garda Bresciano area. The Parco Alto Garda (Alto Garda Park) Bresciano area.
Commodity Parametres Cylindrical shape ca cm 20, "lo scalzo" is made from a cm 7 soft crust, pasta soft yellow in colour, small irregular holes, characteristic perfume, flavour slightly marked.
Seasoning Not less than 90 days.
Size Approximately 2.5 kg (variable weight).
Technical Card Lattecrudo

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