Garda Reserve

The Garda Reserve is a particular selection of the best forms of cheese Garda, carefully chosen by our dairymen. Produced using skimmed milk from only the Swiss Brown bovine breed which is exclusively raised at the Alpe del Garda Agritourism Activity. The Reserve selection may appear to be a minimum of 24 months old; however, it can reach an even higher maturing age. Starting from the base of the Garda cheese, with the increase of the months of seasoning, the power of flavours that this cheese can give to every taste bud incredibly matures.


Type of product Half-fat cheese to hard paste product to be pasteurized cow's milk.
Production area The high plateau of Tremosine in Parco Alto Garda (Alto Garda Park) Bresciano. The Alto Garda Bresciano Park.
Commodity Parametres Cylindrical shape cm 32, "lo scalzo" is made from a cm 9 brittle straw-coloured pasta with the small irregular holes almost absent, taste slightly marked and characteristic.
Seasoning Not less than 18 months.
Size 7 kg approx. weight (variable).
Technical Card Garda Reserve

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