The Dairy

All cheeses manufactured by the Co-operative are derived from the processing of milk from its own Agritourism Activity breeding and that of its Business Partners. The milk used comes exclusively from animals raised in accordance with certified procedures and in compliance with hygiene standards of quality of the highest level. The cheeses produced by Alpe del Garda have unique characteristics and are typical of the mountain area.

How our cheeses are manufactured

The typical and unique flavour of Alpe del Garda's dairy products are born from the passion and tradition entrusted in the capable hands of our cheese makers, the good milk from our Brown cows, patience, dedication and from the commitment that we put into what we do, every day. These are the ingredients that with the passage of days, weeks and months lead up to the creation of our cheeses.


The Milking Process

The milking process takes place in both our stalls and in the stalls of all our Business Partners through the use of modern equipment that guarantees maximum compliance with all the rules of hygiene and ensures the maintenance of freshness and properties of the milk.


Milk Transport

Immediately after milking, the product is stored for a few hours in refrigerators, where with care the milk truck withdraws the milk so that it can be transported directly to our dairy. The temperature during all the stages of transport is always controlled and constant, and the milk is always processed within the space of a few hours after milking has been terminated, in order to keep all of its freshness intact.


The processing of the milk

Every morning our dairyman processes the milk that arrives and with dedication and care performs all the phases of cheese manufacturing. The passion and the extreme care during these phases are essential in maintaining the freshness of the flavours of the typical mountain tradition that you can find in all of Alpe del Garda's products.



The final maturing of our cheeses takes place inside the seasoning cells. Here, depending upon the preset objectives and the desired product, the cheeses rest, waiting to finally be placed on the table of gourmets who are always looking for products that contain not only flavour, but who know how to recount the entire history of the mountain tradition.

Our products

The Alpe del Garda Co-operative valorises the typical agricultural products of the region, offering consumers cheeses and dairy products, meat and sausages from the certified milk and meat distribution channels, all within the confines of the Co-operative itself.

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