The Co-Operative

We are located in Municipality of Tremosine on Lake Garda, in the hinterland of the upper part of Lake Garda, inside the naturalistic district of the mountain community and of the Alto Garda Bresciano area, sharing borders with the Trentino Region.

Way up there nestled between deciduous spots and lush green pine forests from which sprout spires of Dolomite rocks, in 1980. a group of animal breeders and mountaineers gave life to a small agricultural Co-operative where they built a dairy, in order to transform the milk produced by the existing cattle into regional Agritourism Activities.

The Alpe del Garda Co-operative has since grown and, following in the footsteps of the one hundred-year-old local tradition of the Turnarie Dairies, for over 35 years, valorises the typical agricultural products of the region, offering consumers cheeses and other dairy products, meat and sausages from the certified milk and meat distribution channels, all within the confines of the Co-operative itself.

The constant expansion of sales, the conquest of the big distribution chains and that of the foreign market, in addition to strengthening the position on national markets, have favoured the formation of a new regional identity characterized by typical products of high quality.

Alpe del Garda, in addition to the dairy, has opened a sales outlet where you can find these typical products with an annexed butcher shop. At the Co-operative, you can also find the "agrarian pantry", a large warehouse for the sale of agriculture materials for. Alpe del Garda also possesses an Agritourism Activity where the Brown cattle breed is raised.

Always and continuously growing is our focus on the environment; the Co-operative is in fact equipped with a modern biogas system for the production of electrical energy. There are three Agritourism Activities where you can taste traditional dishes cooked using the products manufactured by the Co-operative.

Our History

The evidence of human presence in Tremosine dates back to the Neolithic period. The inhabitants of Tremosine have always been dedicated to agriculture, fishing, iron working and making wool.

The Napoleonic occupation began the economic decline. Firstly, forced to maintain a garrison of soldiers as a frontier garrison the shared border with the Austro-Hungarian Empire and then to cope with the closure of production activities and the consequent migration of people overseas. In this critical situation the first structures began to form co-operatives in Tremosine, due mostly to the work of a visionary priest named Don Giacomo Zanini, who was instrumental in the realization of the Co-operative Institute. The new social organization of activities allowed him to provide a new impulse to local economy.

Of fundamental importance was the revelation of the Cassa Rurale di Vesio of Tremosine, founded in 1986 thanks to Don Giacomo Zanini, which allowed farmers and breeders to engage the necessary investments for their activities. Since World War II, the abandonment by the younger strata of the population and the disadvantages of the geographical location contributed to a new period of profound crisis for the area's economy, and in particular for agriculture sector. The lack of labour, difficulties and costs arising from the transport of the products to the major markets and the poor availability of financial resources were the primary causes of a situation which threatened to collapse the Tremosinese agricultural sector.
For years it has continued to establish new forms of co-operatives, Turnarie Dairies, allowing the area to buffer these difficulties. However, with the passage of time, nothing seemed to be sufficient enough and the idea was born, a gamble for many, but not for that group of courageous farmers who breathed life into the Alpe del Garda. The new Co-operative slowly managed to incorporate the various Dairies Turnarie, continually gaining more strength and finding the necessary resources in order to expand outside the region, thus becoming one of the main activities for the Tremosinese social structure, back then as it is today.

Energy efficiency and Focused on the environment

Green pastures, pure air and the rocks overlooking the lake; in this dreamland the Alpe del Garda was created with respect to this region, and has become, over the years, an increasingly important objective.

Since the early years of the new millennium, solar panels, photovoltaic and thermal systems have been installed until their implementation in recent years of a modern biogas facility for the production of electrical energy. These plants have allowed Alpe del Garda to reach a production of energy even higher than that absorbed.

The focus of the Co-operative is also concentrated on the integration of the activities of tourism that are increasingly present in the local economy. In fact, the implementation of the biogas facility has allowed us to have sewage and fertilizers that impact less on the environment and therefore are able to meet the needs of those who live the region.

Certification of Quality

The awareness to create quality dairy products have led Alpe del Garda to certify their supply chain and their production and management methodologies with the best Certifying Organizations: CSQA, Consorzio Valorizzazione Prodotti di Sola Razza Bruna (Valorisation Consortium Only For the Swiss Brown Breed), Marchio di Qualità del Parco Alto Garda Bresciano (Mark of Quality for Parco Alto Garda (Alto Garda Park) Bresciano), ISO 9001. Even our Agritourism activities can boast many years of a guarantee of certified service by Ospitalità Italiana (Italian Hospitality).

The Agrarian Pantry

Providing a complete service to their business partners and, more in general, to all our customers is the basis of the Co-operative philosophy. Starting from here, the idea to create the agrarian pantry came into being, where you can find everything you need for agriculture and gardening: from farming implements to small tools, from fertilisers to seeds for your garden.

Opening Hours

All days
from 9:00am to 12:00pm and from 3:00pm to 7:00pm

Sunday and Wednesday closed