Our Agritourism Activity

In 1998, with the acquisition of an Agritourism Activity for raising the Brown cattle breed, located in the nearby Val di Bondo in the Co-operative, we give life to a new, innovative approach which leads Alpe del Garda to consolidate its qualitative choices. The decision to exclusively raise heads of the Swiss Brown breed of cattle, for milk production and then cheese of extremely high quality, was a courageous choice made by the Agritourism Activity, which, even now, qualifies Alpe del Garda to participate in the markets.

The Alpe del Garda Milking Stalls

The milking stall was immediately provided with automatic systems for controlling milk production and all the animals are equipped with a monitoring system for computerized production. These systems, accompanied by a continuous study for the improvement of the genetics of the heads, have led to an optimization of the productivity of the animals; and today the Alpe del Garda herd represents one of its more valuable financial capitals.

The Brown Breed

The Co-operative's decision to only raise cows from the Swiss Brown breed comes from a long-time experience of cattle breeding in the mountainous areas for which the Brown breed is particularly indicated, and by a precise goal with the desire to place the quality of milk in top priority, despite the reduced productivity for single animal which might penalize the quantities.

This breed is characterized by its great capacity to adapt to any type of climate; its robust physical constitution permits it to have good longevity, which significantly reduces the risk of disease, it easily navigates the rather steep terrain, and can then be led to the pastures located in the mountainous areas with significant benefits for the environment and for the preservation of the Altura pastures. This particular breed also enjoys a high fertility rate and a very good milk protein/fat ratio.

The cow's muscles, characterized by the lack of fat infiltration, allow us to obtain a high quality meat, fine grain and excellent quality organoleptic characteristics. Farmers from all over the world also utilize this breed to perform cross-breeding with other cattle breeds, in order to fortify and improve its genetic characteristics.

The Italian Brown cow distinguishes itself by a proper balance between quality and quantities of the milk produced, milk that is particularly suited for cheese. Its gentle look, profound and delicate, and its extremely docile temperament, the Italian Brown cow combines an elegant appearance and harmonious coupled with an excellent structural strength.

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