Activities and Initiatives

To savour and live our philosophy, let yourself be carried away by the enthusiasm of participating in the many initiatives proposed by our Co-operative. Alpe del Garda organizes guided tours to the dairy, mouth-watering tasting sessions and events featuring traditions and products which characterize it.

The Educational Tours

Even the youngest children can enjoy an unforgettable day at our Co-operative and learn by "touching with their hands" how our cheeses are manufactured, starting from the milking of the cows to the processing of the milk, up until the seasoning process. Alpe del Garda organizes its tour days, which are planned according to the needs and objectives of each school. If you are interested or want to have more information you can contact us directly by calling +39 0365 953050or by sending us an email to

Tasting Sessions

In the cosy tasting room, guests will delight their palates with some of the best products in our sales outlet. An important way to become aware of what we may purchase and understand the essence of the quality of the products we bring to our tables.

Discover tasting sessions